The site as a living organism. Aarhus, Denmark

“Story of Poli
Poli lives in a small apartment next to Aarhus University. It is a beautiful sunny Sunday and on days like this Poli likes to go to the university park to catch butterflies. She really loves the tiny creatures, they remind her of the fairies from her dreams.
It is still cold outside and she puts her red coat. Poli really wants to see butterflies and touch their colorful wings. She goes out, turns her head to the sky and she can feel the sun on her cheeks. But the noise of cars take her attention, everything is so fast around her… Cars buzzing, cyclists speeding up, traffic lights beeping, everyone is in a hurry. The park is far away and Poli wants to get out of the noisy street, so she speeds up, too. A guy shouts
something at her, but she couldn’t hear him.
Finally Poli can see a curved yellow brick wall – she is almost there. She turns back to the street and goes down the shallow stairs to the tunnel where she can already see the light coming from the park. She extends her hand and touches the wall, it feels cold, but the texture of bricks is tickling her hand. As she stops under the arc of the tunnel she feels how everything becomes calm and the car noise sounds just as a backstage soundtrack. Oh! What is that smell? It might be just grass… She goes further and suddenly a flash of the sun catches her. Suddenly so much green in front of her… Poli was waiting for this moment so much! She starts running under the old big trees and plays with butterflies the whole day.

The day passes fast, lights go down and everything becomes grey and dark. Butterflies
disappear to the fog, birds start to sing louder, frogs awake from the lakes and Poli understands that it is already a night time for the park inhabitants. Time to leave the Wonderland. But…

Where is her way back home?”

The aim of this project is to use the “section” tool in urban designing. By this intervention, as in the story, is to give Polly a way back home when the night comes by using technology, aesthetics, nature, design and human senses.


Day vs Night section


poster remade


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