Designing urban mobility – Aalborg, Denmark

Link to posters: poster

Growing population. Urbanization process. High emission level. Deforestation. Natural diseases.
By 2050 around 70% of the world’s population will live in urbanized areas! Just 29% of earth is covered by land and soon, in 2030, 60% of that will be urbanized. What about nature? Rainforests. Jungles. Agricultural lands. In the 17th century first steam-powered vehicles were invented and it was a luxury to have one. In the late 19th century first automobile was produced and since then the world started
turning into car-oriented reality, where owning a vehicle is not anymore a luxury but a non-negotiable to be a part of society.
Aalborg, a danish city located in the north Jutland, is one of the fastest developing due to the transformation from industrial into an educational-cultural city. Every year more and more students are coming to Aalborg and the city needs
new residential buildings. The project site is located in the Gigantiumskvarteret in
Aalborg Øst, an underdeveloped area with a city plan for housing and business.
The key goals of the project are to find the balance between people, nature and mobility, especially on newly developed area, and to change the car-oriented reality into social interactive one. In order to reach those objectives a new type of neighbourhood with redefined streets ready to become a home for the future city is proposed.
According to the LAB* concept of the project, some elements are presented in more diagrammatic way to give more freedom to the users for the further development of the site.
*LAB – from laboratory; experimental concept

Link to project:    The road NOT taken.


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