Teritorial planning intervention – Călugăreni, Romania

The project aims to develop the capacity of students to analyse  the potential and problems of the territory as a whole in relation to its natural, material and human resources and to get familiar to the content of a territorial plan as well as to the methods and techniques for analysis, diagnose and developing scenarios.

The project is a practical application of the theory learned during related courses such as Territorial Planning Interventions or Structural and Typological Morphology of the Territory and a logical follow up of the practical activities of previous years. The projects allows students to make use of their knowledge acquired
during the previous years in the fields of economy, sociology and statistics and provides them the opportunity to study and get acquainted with environmental, economic, demographic or engineering problems as well as with the organisation of the settlement system at metropolitan, periurbane, county or
regional levels. The specific objective of the project is to elaborate a scenario of spatial development at various territorial scales (county, metropolitan, periurban, intercommunal).

The project contributes to developing of the following competencies: describing and analysing the functional and spatial organisation of human settlements and territory, applying the legal provisions and explaining the institutional relations in the field of territorial and urban planning,
public administration and related fields and integrated approach to the socio-economic, ecological and cultural dimensions of human settlements and territory.

The project is also contributing to the development of horizontal competencies concerning team work and communication and coordination of sectorial or general activities.

plansa 10 faza 1.png




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