Urban Composition

Link to:  Poster_1

It aims to develop students’ capacity to analyse and define the function and
configuration of a possible urban image as a support for the architectural and urban
creation process within the urban space.
The student is learning a new approach in Urban Composition, the importance of image in space and the mechanism of urban image formation, he has to focus on the perception in space, the spatial configurative structural field.
The student has to consider that vizualizing effects of spatial configuration, defining organized space through in urban composition, the relation between buildings and site and particularity in organized space are the basics in urban planning and every urbanist has to consider every one of these elements in order to design something valuable.
In this project the student is given a real site, somewhere in the south of Bucharest and he has to complete the area by designing on a small part of it (an urban space both public and private), by considering the elements above.
The project contained urban analysis (circulations, functions and compatibilities, historical evolution, synthesis), photographic portfolio and an individual part of the project
where every student had to develop two ideas of how they would design the space and finally choose the optimal one solution.

In the first part I studied the historical evolution of the area, I commented the photographic portfolio and I made an analysis on the functions in the area and how they

In the second part of the project I designed two options of the same area and tried to justify which one is better and why.


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